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Musical Album "Chosen"

Musical Album "Chosen"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Make a Major Impact with Terra Mysterium

I want to tell you a little about Terra Mysterium. They are a collective of passionate and spiritual people who write musical works of art that incorporate mythological stories to inspire personal transformation. In 2010, I was invited by Terra Mysterium to perform the role of the Goddess Persephone in their original musical performance piece “Finding Eleusis.” It opened as one of the 47 shows in the very first Chicago Fringe Festival and was one of the top five best attended and top grossing shows of the festival. While Terra Mysterium did not perform at the 2011 Chicago Fringe Festival, the directors contacted Terra Mysterium to perform at the fundraising benefit for the 2011 Festival to demonstrate to donors the very best of the talent to be showcased.

Not only did I return with Terra Mysterium as a part of that benefit, the amazing performers of Terra Mysterium welcomed me into their company. Despite the fact that I had not been a part of the entertainment world for over fifteen years; this talented group of performers had an unwavering faith in my abilities and brought forth new depths of my personal creative power I had no idea I possessed. In Terra Mysterium’s next piece “Betwixt and Between,” I was encouraged to push myself into composition and two of the featured songs were my own originals. I contributed yet another original song to the next show, a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream;” and now, with the assistance and encouragement of the brilliant people of Terra Mysterium, I have written both the script and all of the music for “The Alembic.”

“The Alembic” opens August 31st as a part of the 2012 Chicago Fringe Festival, bringing me full circle. “The Alembic” is based on the Grecian mythological characters of the Goddesses Dike and Astraea and brings them into the world of Victorian Alchemy and the modern Steampunk movement. In the story of “The Alembic,” an alchemist desires to prove the supreme power of faith by transmuting lead into gold, and when he calls upon divine assistance, Astraea sends Dike. However, Dike is confronted with the consequences of her own mortal transmutation and flounders in a strange world of unfamiliar emotions.

Terra Mysterium is now raising funds to build a Victorian parlor and an alchemical laboratory to bring “The Alembic” to life. We are also in need of Victorian costumes and the rent required for rehearsal space. I am so honored to be a part of Terra Mysterium and I am so proud that their faith in me has produced this work from me. I ask you now for your help in this final stage of the process. Will you help me raise funds for this inspirational performance group and help me to tell my story of “The Alembic?”

Even a small donation will have a major impact. Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign page:

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