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Musical Album "Chosen"

Musical Album "Chosen"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chicago Pagan Pride

I am so grateful to Terra Mysterium for broadening my horizons in so many ways. They suggested that I contact the coordinators of Chicago Pagan Pride set for August 14, 2010.

I have to tease those lovely coordinators just a little to tell a funny story. I did indeed contact them as Terra Mysterium suggested, but as it was a very late submission, when I didn't hear back from them, I simply assumed that they didn't need me. I didn't know I was performing until I received a cast email for "Finding Eleusis" (the Terra Mysterium Fringe show in which I was cast) that announced I would be following their performance!

My performance was barely a hiccup in our plan as my son Tynan, our Au Pair, Gift and I had already planned to be in attendance. We really enjoyed Chicago Pagan Pride! They really did a wonderful job and there were many activities. I was unable to attend any of the workshops because Tynan and I were too busy making wish bracelets, magic wands, getting painted and of course watching Terra Mysterium. They are awesome! This Pagan Pride was very family friendly and had something for everyone.

My son was still talking about it the next day.

I'll be back next year for sure!

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