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Musical Album "Chosen"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Demons of the Flesh by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck

Nikolas Schreck is an American Born writer and left-handed philosopher and spiritualist. He has traveled internationally with a trip to Egypt in 1983 as one of the defining moments in his life as it was there that he discovered the God Set and became his practitioner.

Zeena Schreck was formally known as Zeena Galentea LaVey, is the daughter of Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan. She obtained international notoriety at the age of three as she was baptized by her father into Satanism and has been a practitioner of what is known as the “left-handed path” for the whole of her life.

Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left-handed Sex Magic was given to me by a dear friend after I expressed my frustration with the Satanic community, who claimed all magic was within the realm of Satan and essentially left-handed in nature. Though when I challenged these professed Satanists to explain what they meant, no one would accept the challenge.

I found this book to be well composed and articulate. It had a great deal of historical information on personalities like Anton LaVey and Alcester Crowley. I found the history of the Church of Scientology (as an off-shoot from sex magic sects) particularly disturbing. The information presented on the Hindu Goddess Kali was fascinating and I may decide to gather more information on her.

As I understand, with the aide of this book, sex magic is the practice of channeling the energy gathered during love making, using it in a ritualistic forum to effect magical change. While I would have to agree that that particular energy would probably be quite potent, I personally have no desire to attempt any of the applications presented.

The Schrecks’ attempted to convey that the left-handed path is not “better” than a more conventional spiritual path, but explained that very few can manage the left-handed way with success. Indeed the Schrecks’ detailing of Crowley’s life led me believe he was nothing more than a sex addict who ruined his life with his unabated lust. Personally I did not see the advantage of the left-handed path when physical ruin and insanity seem to be the side effects. They did present one success story: Jesus of Nazareth, which disturbed me more than their accounting of Scientology. As one who was raised Christian the idea that all the beliefs given to me as a child might actually be the exact opposite of the truth had me reeling for my breath.

However once I got over the shock, I had a new understanding of the reasons why an individual may pursue a left-handed spiritual path. The Schrecks often referenced India where to this day a system of chaste claims dominion over every aspect of a person’s life. The left-handed path gives its practitioners a way to break out of that oppression, if only for one night during a ritual of magic. Likewise in the Christian-Judeo climate of today’s world, many find it stifling and seek out an extreme alternative to satisfy an unfulfilled spiritual need. With that under consideration, one cannot deny it is a viable spiritual option for some.

My test for a great film or book is whether it stays with me and I remember it. This book is highly rated and I must concur that the Schrecks are probably the best authorities on Satanism, the left-handed path and Sex Magic. As my friend knew it would, this book answered many of my questions concerning Satanism. It is exceptionally informative and most certainly memorable. It rocked me to my core, challenged all of my beliefs, and hurt my heart. However I cannot deny the true knowledge gained. I know my beliefs are sound and right for me. My Goddesses will heal my heart and I will be made stronger for the experience.

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